Life As a Service Technician in a Computer Repair Shop

As the use of computers increases in businesses and homes across the country, working in a computer repair shop fixing computers would appear to be a good career to get into. Here, we will look at the training required to get into this role, the career path potential and finding suitable jobs.

The day to day life of a computer service technician in a repair shop involves making a wide variety of computer repairs and upgrades. At the simple level, upgrading RAM and CPU are some of the easier tasks while doing data recovery of faulty or damaged PCs would be more complex.

Starting out in the role is best approached by becoming a qualified computer service technician from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). While it is fair to say that qualifications are not always required, having these certifications will always look better on your resume.

You also have to realize that this is the type of role where ongoing training will need to be completed as new technologies enter the market place throughout your career.

Long term, the career of a bench technician has the potential for going freelance and working for yourself, which is what a lot of individuals do. Alternatively, the opportunities are always there to work on client sites (rather than from a computer repair shop) and specialize in specific technologies (e.g. networks/phone systems/etc.).

Finding these jobs can be done by checking the online job websites but you should also research companies that you would wish to work for, check the careers section of their website and send them your resume directly as these roles can often be filled quickly and do not always make it to the online websites.

Starting up your own computer repair shop may not be something you would be comfortable doing without gaining enough experience. You could being a freelance career in PC repairs by doing onsite consultancy or doing call-out repairs in order to establish if there is enough of a market in your community, and before committing to re

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